Seattle Seahawks Brighten the Spirits of a Boy with Spina Bifida

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“Joseph’s resilience was mirrored by the Seattle Seahawks Win”

Joseph was diagnosed at birth with spina bifida, a birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spinal cord or its coverings. He was rushed into emergency surgery to close a hole in his back and to have a shunt placed in his brain to drain the excess fluid. After his mom brought him home from the hospital, she could not get her sweet baby boy to stop crying.

Joseph’s shunt was leaking, which required a second surgery to replace the defective instrument. At the age of four, Joseph had to have a heal cord surgery to correct his feet from turning in. Even with the surgery, Joseph is never going to have full use of his legs and relies on a wheelchair for mobility.

Through years of surgeries and long recoveries, to brighten his days Joseph always turned to his favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Kids Wish Network secured tickets for him to cheer them on in person at a home game. He was treated to special club level VIP seating. He is also the proud owner of a collection of Seattle Seahawks’ memorabilia, compliments of the team.
Wearing his team’s colors with pride, Joseph was on the edge of his chair as quarterback Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes during the game. The Seahawks’ offense was an unstoppable force as the team proceeded to win their fifth straight game, securing its playoff spot for the fourth straight season, and Joseph was there to witness it all.

Joseph knew he could always count on his favorite team. The “12th Man” possesses the same strength and determination that he so admires in the Seahawks. Joseph left the game with a smile on his face thanks to Kids Wish Network and the Seahawks’ victory.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors for participating in Joseph’s wish:

• PS LIMO Service
• Seattle Seahawks

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