A Thirst for Science Fiction

Emmy Reeves

“She is diabetic, but allergic to almost all types of life-saving insulin”

At 4 years old, Emmy’s parents noticed how frequently she was using the bathroom and feeling thirsty. Fearful, because kidney disease runs in their family, Emmy’s parents took her to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed her with type 1 diabetes. What makes Emmy’s case different is that she started getting a rash on her stomach and began having difficulty breathing after receiving shots of insulin. As it turns out, Emmy is allergic to almost all of the five types of insulin currently on the market. By the age of 5, Emmy’s doctors found 1 kind that her body could tolerate. Even so, Emmy is not out of the woods. She often times complains of her organs hurting, in addition to getting frequent nose bleeds, stomach aches, and sore throats.

Recently, Emmy was admitted to the hospital due to a staph infection that her weak immune system couldn’t fight off. Knowing how quickly her condition could change, Emmy’s parents take shifts waking up to check on their 10-year-old between 2 to 4 times a night to ensure the stability of her blood sugar levels. Currently, they are seeking out alternate allergists and professional endocrinologists for help with other avenues of treatment because they are simply running out of options.

Aside from her life-long illness, Emmy is a normal little girl with a curious mind. She enjoys drawing, playing video games and reading adventure books. Emmy’s all-time favorite hobby is watching the television show, Face Off, a science fiction themed competition focused on exploring the world of special-effects.

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