Jacqueline- Hero of the Month

“Jacqueline was thrilled to be a Hero of the Month”

Three-year-old Jacqueline from Texas is a sweet, kind-hearted, and loving little girl. Born with a positional club foot on her right side, her entire life has been filled with hospitals. Jacqueline has endured several non-invasive corrective procedures, but so far, nothing had helped the little girl.

Recently, Jacqueline underwent surgery at BSA Health System’s hospital to straight her foot. The surgery released her heel cords and spilt some tendons in order to allow her foot’s sole to evenly touch the ground. Jacqueline was admitted for a full weekend to recover and required two casts. Although her recovery was painful, Jacqueline managed to keep a smile on her face throughout the entire ordeal.

Because of her brave and positive behavior, Kids Wish Network is proud to honor her as a Hero of the Month along with staff at BSA.

“Jacqueline was thrilled to receive the Hero of the Month aware for June 2015,” says her mom. “Thank you so much!”


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