Andrew’s Gets (MacBook) “Air”

andrew mchale

“Andrew loves his new computer”

Immediately after Andrew was born, he was flown to a nearby children’s hospital and underwent emergency colostomy surgery. As the result of a birth defect, Andrew suffered from rare, life-threatening bowel issues and needed a second surgery when he started to crawl. When Andrew was 13, doctors performed another surgery to help make the bowel issues easier for the teen to deal with but they still caused pain and discomfort.

Recently, doctors implanted a nerve stimulator to help with bowel functions; Andrew also has medication infusions five times each week and takes other medications daily. Despite this harrowing disease, Andrew is a kind and respectful young man who can’t wait to go to college.

Kids Wish Network was happy to make Andrew’s wish come true and provide him with a new MacBook Air to help him in the next steps of life. KWN arranged for an exciting shopping experience at Best Buy where staff helped Andrew pick out the perfect computer. The store also added a carrying case, three years of Geek Squad service, and three-year anti-virus protection.

Andrew is very excited to have his new computer and prep it for college. After picking it out, he and his family enjoyed a delicious dinner at Rowland Fine Dining.

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