Adam Will Be Dreaming of Dinosaurs

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“This wish was more than they ever could imagine”

When her son Adam was only 18-months-old and showed signs of being thirsty all of the time along with wetting his diaper constantly, Amanda knew what the symptoms likely meant. Complications from Type 1 Diabetes had claimed the life of her brother in law, and so she was familiar with the disease. The pediatrician tested Adam, and it came back positive with a sugar level of 600. Adam was rushed to the nearest hospital two hours away. He was admitted for a week.
During Adam’s hospital stay, the family received a wealth of overwhelming information about diabetes. Their intensive education taught them that Adam would have to wear an insulin pump and his sugar levels needed to be tested 12 to 14 times a day. It is a delicate balance, as when his levels are too high, Adam becomes irritable, but when they are too low, he is tired and doesn’t feel well. Any physical exertion on his part requires his parents to monitor his sugar every single hour.

adam perkins3Now at age four, Adam is an active, funny and smart little boy. His love of dinosaurs and building castles out of LEGOS inspired the team at Kids Wish Network to design the perfect trip to Chicago for him where he had the chance to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Field Museum. The windy city provided Adam with all of the excitement a little boy could hope for. At the Field Museum, he “ventured” millions of years back in time to the Cretaceous period and the Mesozoic Era to meet the reconstruction of a T-Rex. Her name was Sue, and her daringly large stature made a big impression on young Adam. He quickly dubbed her his favorite exhibit along with all of the fossils and bones of her fellow reptile friends.

No stranger to stunning creatures in larger than life packages, Adam was mesmerized by coming face to face with real live whales. They pressed up against the glass during his trip to the Shedd Aquarium which he thought was “so cool!”

The fun continued as Adam let his imagination run wild at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center where he learned tricks of the trade of how his favorite toys are made on a factory tour.

According to mom Amanda, Adam’s wish “was more than they ever could imagine.”

Currently at age four, Adam is a sweet little boy who likes gymnastics as well as swimming and is doing well managing his life-long illness.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors who made Adam’s dreams possible:
• Double Tree by Hilton
• Field Museum
• Shedd Aquarium
• The Capital Grille Restaurant
• Rainforest Café
• Merlin Entertainments
• LEGO Discovery Center
• Pump it Up
• LEGO Store

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