Upgrading Torrin’s Technology

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“Torrin loves his new computer”

The summer before Torrin turned 12, he fell ill after attending an outdoor festival. He suffered from common, flu-like symptoms so no one was immediately concerned. As time progressed however, Torrin started to have issues with reading and other cognitive skills. Then, after three years of odd developments, Torrin developed a fever of 105 degrees, suffered from chills, sensitivity to heat, light and sound, and lost all cognitive skills. Doctors ran a plethora of tests but couldn’t diagnosis Torrin with anything that fit his symptoms.

Once Torrin started passing out and suffering from seizures, a different doctor took a new look in late 2014. This time, Torrin was correctly diagnosed with lyme disease, a severe bacterial infection spread by ticks that causes life-threatening issues if left untreated. As Torrin’s symptoms started at that outdoor festival, it is assumed that he was bitten by a tick then – over four years ago.

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It’s been an extremely tough road for Torrin but he does his best to stay positive. He loves animals and is dedicated to becoming a great student. Torrin loves to play computer games and was excited to be granted a wish for a new Mac laptop and accessories.

Torrin and his family then enjoyed a nice dinner at local sponsor, Standing Stone Brewing Co.

Torrin loves his new computer and hasn’t stopped playing games on it since he brought it home.

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Wishes Granted

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