Roman and Rowan’s Disney Adventure

Roman (in Red) and Rowan (in blue)

“Roman and Rowan’s lives will revolve around their disease forever”

Twins Roman (in Red) and Rowan (in Blue) seem to be like your average 5-year-old boys. They love Disney shows and enjoy playing with toy trains and cars, but there’s one thing that makes them not like typical little boys. Both Roman and Rowan suffer from the life-threatening illness of type 1 diabetes and are required to test their blood sugar by pricking their fingers multiple times a day.

Around the holidays in 2010, Roman fell ill with flu like symptoms and started drinking an excessive amount of water. As the boys have an older sister with type 1 diabetes, his parents recognized the similar symptoms and tested Roman’s blood sugar. His levels were 350 points higher than normal and Roman was rushed to the hospital. After a three-day stay, Roman’s levels were regulated, and he returned home to start living a life of daily medication.

Because of the family’s history with the illness, Roman’s twin brother Rowan was tested in 2011 to see if he had any of the genetic markers commonly associated with the disease. Rowan tested positive for two of three markers and started displaying symptoms of type 1 diabetes in June 2012.

The boys are now completely dependent on insulin to regulate their blood sugar levels. They both have to be tested multiple times per day and given injections to stabilize their condition. At such a young age, it’s hard for Roman and Rowan to recognize when their levels are fluctuating, so it’s important that their family keeps a close eye, especially when they are doing any type of physical activity as it can affect their levels easily.

Despite the fact that their entire lives now revolve around type 1 diabetes, the boys are still funny and energetic and can’t wait to meet Disney’s Pluto! Kids Wish Network is exciting to send these boys on a once-in-a-lifetime Disney experience to make all their dreams come true!

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