Surf’s Up for Rio

Rio Savage

“He dreamt he was surfing in his sleep!”

Along with his brother and father, Rio was in a catastrophic car accident that affected him greatly. While driving to the bus stop one morning, another car crashed into theirs on his side which resulted in a traumatic brain injury for Rio. With the vast number of changes happening, one aspect of Rio’s life has remained the same: his love of the ocean and for LEGOS. Kids Wish Network was able to combine the two into one amazing vacation.

With the trip of a lifetime still fresh in his mind, ten-year-old Rio goes to bed every night with visions of LEGOS dancing in his head and wakes up every morning telling his mom, Hailey, that “he dreamt he was surfing in his sleep!” His days spent with his mom and brother at SeaLife Aquarium, SeaWorld San Diego, Surfin Fire, and LEGOLAND California, are very fond memories that he will always hold near and dear to his heart.

The LEGO Movie is Rio’s absolute favorite so being able to visit LEGOLAND was a total dream come true for him. In addition, the Idaho native is an avid swimmer and ocean lover, so having a surfing lesson at Surfin Fire was perfect. They taught him how to become the next Johnny Tsunami!

Currently his favorite subject in school is math, and he is a baseball enthusiast. On a normal day you could probably find him playing tag with his brother, eating pizza for dinner and begging his mom or dad to take him to Toys “R” Us while he waits to have his next procedure. Rio is expected to have another surgery on his left ear to help him hear again.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the guardian angel sponsors who made Rio’s dreams possible:
• The Promiscuous Fork
• BJ’s Brewhouse
• Island Fire Burgers
• SeaWorld San Deigo
• Surfin Fire
• LEGOLAND California
• SeaLife Aquarium
• Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel
• Enterprise

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