On the Record with Tiger

“He is a boy with transposition of the great arteries who dreams of producing music”

Shortly after Tiger’s birth, doctors discovered his two main arteries were reversed and diagnosed him with transposition of the great arteries (TGA). This is a rare heart defect that changes the way blood circulates through the body and leaves a shortage of oxygen in blood flowing from the heart. Tiger underwent his first heart surgery at just eight-days-old to correct his arteries and fix the holes in his heart. As a child, Tiger wore a heart monitor and had yearly check-ups to make sure the leak wasn’t causing more issues, but a recent test revealed that Tiger’s leak had progressed to the point of needing another surgery.

Kids Wish Network learned about Tiger’s love of making music and his dream of pursuing a career as a producer. With his passion in mind, the wish-granting charity approached Sound Devices, LLC about participating as a sponsor for Tiger’s desire to own music-producing equipment. The benevolent local business in Tiger’s hometown of Madison, WI, was happy to become a Guardian Angel sponsor. Kids Wish Network planned an amazing wish event at Sound Devices’s Madison office where with its entire staff in attendance, Tiger was presented with a brand-new USBPre® 2 audio interface, generously donated by the company. Kids Wish Network arranged for the local Firehouse Subs to cater the event. Tiger was able to spend time with Sound Devices employees who have professional audio industry experience.

Tiger is in love with his new state of the art audio recording system and says it is a huge upgrade from the microphone he was using to record his lyrics. He hopes to “spread a positive message through rapping” and believes that his new equipment will be key in helping him achieve that goal. He wants to help others with similar dreams through the medium of music.

Kids Wish Network was delighted to help fuel Tiger’s passion for producing music and would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors for participating in Tiger’s wish:

• Sound Devices
• Firehouse Subs
• AJ Prestige Worldwide Transportation


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