Logan- Hero of the Month

“Logan has shown how tough she can be”

Bacterial meningitis can be a very scary and very devastating infection. For our Hero of the Month, Logan, it brought out her bravery.

Logan was suffering from a fever, felt confused, and then had a seizure. The 3-year-old was quickly rushed to Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital where she underwent a spinal tap and blood work which led to her diagnosis of bacterial meningitis.

During the following 11 days, Logan had a PICC line placed, multiple tests performed to look at the health of her brain, and received many medications to help heal her infection. As a result of her illness, Logan was weak and had a hard time walking and doing everyday activities.

Her nominating Child Life Specialist said “sometimes Logan felt frustrated at not being able to do the things she once could, but she has shown how tough she can be!”

Logan participated in many therapies in order to get her strength back, but her favorite was playing the drums and xylophone. Even facing a medical trauma couldn’t damper Logan’s spirit.

“Logan has shown determination through her infectious smile as she faced all of the challenges of being in the hospital,” continues her Child Life Specialist. “We are so proud of Logan and how hard she has worked to feel better. She is an awesome Hero of the Month!”

Kids Wish Network agrees that Logan is a remarkable Hero, and are proud to honor her along with Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital!

“We are so thrilled Logan won April’s Hero of the Month!” said her mom. “Thank ya’ll so much!”


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