Helena Meets “Monster High” Characters

Helena Lees

“She would want to do it all over again”

The last time Helena was at a theme park, she spent the whole time in search of water fountains and restrooms. This trip was a whole different story though. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Helena’s illness is controlled with insulin injections. She has to check her blood sugar 15 times a day to keep it in check because it can be a difficult to control. Otherwise, she could become very sick and face life-threatening complications.

With the help of Kids Wish Network, Helena went on a dream vacation to Disney World! According to her grandmother, Nancy, Helena “was so excited it was all about her” and if she could, “She would want to do all of the parks all over again.” The shy 7 year old couldn’t wait to visit the Magic Kingdom and ride Fantasy Land’s “It’s a Small World.” Helena was also a special VIP at central Florida attractions that included the new 400-foot high Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds and Sea Life Aquarium, where she got to indulge in her love of animals. Helena and family stayed at the Flamingo Waterpark Resort and had reservations in her honor booked at the famed Tony Roma’s and Senor Frog’s.

One thing you should really know about Helena is that she is obsessed with everything “Monster High” related. The hit animated TV show and movies are based on the lives of teenage children of famous monsters that attend school together. Three of the original cast of ghouls including Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Clawdeen Wolf all came out to surprise their number one fan! Helena was delighted to “meet” her favorite characters in the “flesh!”

Currently, Helena can be found browsing through her animal books and playing games on her Kindle e-reader or playing with her favorite “Monster High” doll, Frankie. At home in Arizona, Helena continues to carefully monitor her blood sugar levels in managing her life-long illness.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors for their participation in Helena’s wish:
• Enterprise
• Flamingo Waterpark Resort
• Compassion Partners
• I-Drive 360 – Orlando Eye
• Sea Life Aquarium
• Madame Tussauds
• Enchanted Entertainment
• Planet Hollywood
• Senor Frog’s
• House of Blues
• Tony Roma’s

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