Jameson’s Extraordinary Disney Experience


“This was the perfect wish”

After 2-year-old Jameson became increasingly thirsty, his parents were rightfully concerned. Once at the doctor’s office, multiple tests were run and Jameson was quickly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His blood sugar levels were at 900, 720 points above the healthy average. Jameson was rushed to a local children’s hospital where he was admitted for five days.

The next three years were quite an adjustment for Jameson and his family. The 5-year-old is closely monitored and needs to check his blood sugar at least 10 times every day. Jameson also had an insulin pump implanted to make it easier to deliver his life-saving medication.

Learning to deal with his life-threatening illness has been hard on Jameson. He wants to be an average, active, little boy, but needs to take frequent breaks to test his blood sugar levels. While his twin brother Jack can continue playing, Jameson must take a time-out. Despite all he’s going through and will continue to face, Jameson is an outgoing kid who loves to play with LEGOS and watch Disney shows.


Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to make Jameson’s biggest wish come true and send him on an extraordinary Disney experience! Besides visiting Disney World and LEGOland, Jameson got to enjoy a special face-painting session where he was turned into a ninja turtle, meet Pluto at a character breakfast, and spent quality time with his favorite superhero, Spiderman, at dinner.

“Jameson loved his wish,” recalls his mom. “He liked his face painting and meeting Pluto at the character breakfast. But meeting Spiderman was the big surprise for him. It was a perfect wish.”

KWN would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors that helped make Jameson’s dream come true:
• Wyndham Lake Buena Vista
• Compassion Partners Program
• WonderWorks
• National Car Rental
• Once Upon a Party
• Funny Cheeks
• BJ’s Brewhouse
• Chili’s Bar and Grill

Relive Jameson’s Wish Reveal excitement below!

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