No Boys Allowed: Sophie’s LEGO Clubhouse

Sophie Weakly

“Her private retreat gives her a special place to enjoy her favorite toy”

A few years ago, Wish Kid Sophie became increasingly thirsty, emotional, and needed to the use the restroom more frequently. A few weeks later, at her routine physical, test results showed that Sophie’s blood sugar was twice the average number. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and immediately admitted to the hospital. It took doctors four days to regulate Sophie’s blood glucose levels. Another concern was the weight of the petit girl; diabetes prevented Sophie’s body from producing glucose, so it was feeding energy off her body fat. After her release, regulating Sophie’s blood sugars became a never-ending daily battle.

Sophie went on to have an insulin pump implanted. The device is programmed to administer the accurate amount of rapid-acting insulin to Sophie according to her daily needs. The 7-year-old still has to check her blood sugar levels 15 times a day and approach activities with caution due to her high insulin sensitivity.

Sophie lets her imagination run wild while playing with her favorite toy: LEGOS. It provides her with a much needed reprieve from the difficult nature of her ongoing illness. Kids Wish Network wanted to give Sophie a special place to keep her cherished collection of LEGOS and a private retreat from the realities of her life-long condition. KWN partnered with Home Depot and Custom Wood Products to build Sophie the LEGO clubhouse of her dreams. It is equipped with plenty of drawers and a locker to store her LEGOS in, an entry bench with hooks to hang her book-bag and coat on, and a table for her to assemble magnificent creations from the interlocking and colorful blocks. Looking for Sophie these days? She’s in her LEGO clubhouse!

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors for participating in Sophie’s wish:

• Home Depot – Grand Island, NE
• Custom Wood Products
• Sutter Deli
• Target

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