Life with Epilepsy – A Personal Story

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Epilepsy is a serious brain disorder; it’s the fourth most common neurological disorder in the United States. This potentially life-threatening condition affects 2.2 million Americans with nearly 500,000 being children. Our Wish Kid Lianna is just one of those many children who battle this disease on a daily basis.

Lianna is only 10 years old and her personal epilepsy story began when she suffered her first full-blown seizure in 2011 after displaying “dazed-like” symptoms. Her seizure lasted five minutes resulting in severe short-term memory loss. According to NYU, longer seizures have a greater chance of causing permanent injury to the brain. Unfortunately, she still suffers from dangerously long seizures but continues to work on regaining the skills she lost.

Lianna has to deal with limitations due to her frequent seizures; she can’t ride a bike or be left alone. Even with treatment and multiple daily medications, Lianna still has anywhere from six to 10 seizures each week. She has an emergency treatment plan for seizures that won’t stop and must have her medication plan redesigned as she grows to try and keep her condition under the best control.
lianna hugging Cinderella

After all she’s been through, and despite her daily struggles, Lianna remains one of the sweetest and most caring young ladies KWN has ever granted a wish. We were overjoyed to give her memories for a lifetime as she spent five days in sunny Florida visiting all the Disney theme parks, getting a princess makeover, and meeting Cinderella, her favorite Disney character.

These happy memories will help Lianna as she faces more struggles with her incurable disease. She will soon undergo surgery to help relieve her routine seizures and, hopefully, gain some relief from her incurable illness.

Kids Wish Network will keep everyone posted on Lianna’s surgery and her development.

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