Jamin- Hero of the Month

He suffered through two invasive procedures on his spine

Hero of the Month Jamin is a brave and kind 8-year-old boy who suffers from congenital scoliosis. He recently suffered through two invasive procedures on his spine within a single month. The first was to alleviate leg pain and the second was a spinal fusion. He also had multiple readmissions due to complications after each surgery.

During most of Jamin’s hospitalizations, he was required to lay flat on his back. Many kids in this situation might have become angry or acted out, but Jamin made the best of his situation and was willing to try new things to cope.

“Few patients deserve to be recognized more than Jamin,” said his nominating Child Life Specialist. “Every admission, Jamin maintains a positive attitude. He is always kind and compliant and chooses to look on the bright side.”

“The award made him feel so special,” said his mom.

KWN is excited to honor Jamin along with The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center.

Way to go, Jamin!


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