Savannah’s Magical Adventure

Savannah Quick getting ready to take off

“Savannah’s dreams came true”

Born with a diaphragmatic hernia, Wish Kid Savannah was rushed into emergency surgery immediately after birth. The condition is caused by an abnormal opening in the diaphragm that allows the internal organs to travel from the abdomen into the chest cavity.

While doctors were able to reposition her organs and repair her diaphragm, Savannah’s lungs still suffered. She was born with only about three-quarter function in her right lung and one-quarter function in her left lung. Savannah spent her first three months in the NICU until she was strong enough to go home.

Savannah later had surgery on her esophagus and a G-tube inserted in hopes that it would help her gain weight. Unfortunately, it didn’t help Savannah’s body absorb the nutrients she needs and it was removed last year. With her decreased lung functions, Savannah uses an inhaler and does daily breathing treatments. Her left lung has now ceased all function. She’s also been hospitalized several times for pneumonia. Her conditions cause her to become tired and out of breath easily, so Savannah needs to take frequent breaks from activity.

Savannah Quick- 1

Despite these life-threatening illnesses, Savannah is a compassionate and sweet 4-year-old who loves to draw and color. Like most girls her age, Savannah loves Disney’s “Frozen” and wants to have Princess Elsa’s powers; she even dresses up in the costumes, complete with wigs and all!

Kids Wish Network was happy to make Savannah’s dreams come true and send her on a magical wish to Disney World to meet Princess Elsa. Savannah and her family traveled to Florida for an all-inclusive trip where they stayed at luxury accommodations, dined at Savannah’s dream restaurant, and enjoyed all the magic the parks had to offer.

Savannah Quick - face paint 2

Savannah loved visiting SeaWorld, where she sat in the front row and got splashed by Shamu. She also had her to dream to eat at Chuck E. Cheese come true too! KWN even arranged for Savannah to have a special meet and greet with the “Frozen” Princesses, a character breakfast at her hotel, face-painting before visiting one of the parks, and a once-in-a-lifetime “Beauty and the Beast” puppet show.

All of Savannah’s sponsors went out of their way to make her wish trip extremely special. KWN would like to thank each and every one that helped make her dream come true:
• Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista
• Once Upon a Party
• Funny Cheeks
• West Puppets
• Compassion Partners Program
• Chuck E. Cheese
• Capital Grill Restaurant
• Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Lakeview Restaurant
• WonderWorks

Savannah Quick - instagramSavannah Quick at Flippers Pizzeria n Once Upon a Party 2

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