More than just a Mall: Raegan visits the Mall of America

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“Raegan had a great time”

As a baby, Raegan would cry constantly as if she was in extreme pain. Doctors conducted blood tests and found Raegan’s blood was high in muscle enzymes. After doing some research, Raegan was diagnosed with dermatomyositis and lipodystrophy.

Dermatomyositis is an uncommon inflammatory disease marked by muscle weakness, a distinctive skin rash and can cause extreme pain. Lipodystrophy is the permanent loss of fat cells, a rare and dangerous condition that is often linked to autoimmune disorders. Raegan quickly started treatment for her two life-threatening conditions.

While her extreme muscle pain is managed by medications and infusions, it still causes issues in the 14-year-old girl’s life. She takes multiple medications daily and has monthly infusion treatments. The treatment lasts for three days. Doctors surgically inserted a port recently that spares Raegan’s veins from the damage of constant treatment.


Despite all the struggles, Raegan does her best to act like an average teen. She loves hanging out with her friends, watching TV shows, shopping, and listening to pop music. Raegan’s biggest dream is to visit one of the world’s largest malls, the notorious Mall of America! Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to give her the experience of a lifetime.

KWN sent Raegan and her family on an ultimate experience at the Mall of America. Raegan was treated to luxury accommodations, fun-filled dinners, a small shopping spree, and lots of activities.

Her favorite activity was visiting the CSI Experience because she loves criminal science. She also enjoyed going in the Flight Simulator. Her dinner at the Hard Rock Café was even more fun when she get to meet Nathan Sykes, formerly of the band The Wanted.

“Raegan got to spend three full days at the Mall of America to shop and had a great time,” writes her mom. “It’s been amazing. Thank you so very much to KWN and all the people who sponsored Raegan and made her wish memorable.”

KWN would like to thank all the sponsors that helped make Raegan’s dream come true:
• Crowne Plaza MSP Airport
• Mall of America
• SEALife Minnesota
• Merlin’s Magic Wand
• CSI Experience
• A.C.E.S. Flight Simulator
• Nickelodeon Universe
• Star Trek the Experience
• Moose Mountain Adeventure Golf
• Amazing Mirror Maze
• Hard Rock Café
• Cadillac Ranch
• Old Navy
• Outback Steakhouse
• Barnes & Noble
• LEGO Store
• Nike Store
• Professor Bellow’s Old Time Photos
• Yankee Candle

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Check out Raegan’s interview about her wish with WGXA:

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