Brittney’s Beach Vacation

Brittney at Sephora

“Britt was blessed beyond measure by this wish trip”

In 2012, Brittney was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst tumor located at the base of her brain. She had complicated surgery to remove the cyst the following March, and, although the it was successful, Brittney suffered many complications as a result.

The teen developed POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which causes the heart rate to increase upon standing, and Brittney suffers from vision problems, dizziness, and fainting. The cyst also caused TOS, thoracic outlet syndrome, in both of Brittney’s arms. She has already had two surgeries attempting to treat the compression of nerves and blood vessels.

Brittney was also diagnosed with a metabolic disorder that causes excessive blood clotting and constant inflammation throughout the body. Brittney is currently on a feeding tube because she can’t keep any food down, and she takes 12 daily medications. While Brittney’s cyst may have been removed, the rest of her conditions don’t seem to be improving.

Despite her daily pain and struggles, Brittney has a positive attitude and is goal-oriented. She’s very active in her health care and dreams of one day becoming a doctor. Growing up in Washington State, Brittney often fantasizes about warm beaches, so Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to make her fantasy come true and send her on the beach vacation of her dreams.

Brittney at zoo

Brittney and her family stayed at a luxury resort, visited many local attractions, enjoyed a spa day and shopping spree, and spent time at the beach. Her wish trip was packed full of everything she’s been dream of. Her mom detailed the first four days of her trip below.

Wish day #1: When we arrived in San Diego, Britt was whisked off to the Hideaway Spa where she had a mani/pedi pool side. When we went up to our suite at the hotel, which has a gorgeous view, a welcome gift bag was waiting for Britt! Then we were off to the San Diego Zoo where we enjoyed the bus tour, aerial tour, and seeing the animals. After the zoo, we visited Coronado Beach, which has the softest white sand. It was a beautiful day for our sweet Britt. We are thankful!

Brittney shopping

Wish day #2: What a truly special day for Brittney! She is certainly feeling blessed! She spent the day in La Jolla at the Westfield UTC Mall. It is a beautiful open air mall (shopping and sun, how exciting!) with such wonderfully kind people who work there. Brittney had a makeover and then a dream shopping spree! Our family was treated to lunch at Red Robin and dinner at the Melting Pot, plus a movie too. Every single person involved in planning this wish for Britt has not missed a single detail, like decorating our table with rose petals in her favorite colored flowers. It is so good for my heart to see Brittney being blessed beyond measure!

Wish day #3: Brittney and our family had so much fun at SeaWorld today. Britt swam with the dolphins, it was more than amazing! Then we spent the evening on the beach relaxing together. When you have a sick child it affects the whole family, and in our case, especially our youngest. It fills my heart with overflowing joy to watch our kids having fun together! Thank you!

Brittney on beach with brothers

Wish day #4: We went to Safari Park and took a tram ride to see all of the African animals. The park set up a special animal encounter for Brittney and our family to meet some of the animals in person. The folks who work at the park were so kind to us and went above and beyond to make Brittney’s day extra memorable! We also swam in the beautiful pool at the hotel. We head home in the morning. Thank you for making Brittney’s wish trip such a special time for her!

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the many, many sponsors that helped grant Brittney this once-in-a-lifetime experience:
• Marriott MarQuis San Diego Marina Hotel
• The Hideaway Massage and Skin Care Day Spa
• San Diego Zoo
• San Diego Safari Park
• Westfield UTC Mall
• LAZ Valet Service
• Sun Diego
• Sephora
• Arc Light Movie Theatre
• Red Robin
• The Melting Pot
• The Oceanaire Seafood Room
• Seaworld
• Aquatica
• National Car Rental

Brittney continues to face her life-threatening illnesses with positivity.

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