The Best Family Vacation

Ethan and Mykayla Peterson

Ethan and Mykayla had a wonderful family wish trip

Ethan and Mykayla are very different siblings. Ethan loves to crack jokes and have fun while Mykayla is more reserved and responsible. One thing they do share in common is their life-threatening illness. Both siblings suffer from type1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin for the body to survive.

Both Ethan and Mykayla were diagnosed in similar ways. They shared symptoms of irritability, sudden fatigue and accidents at night. They also have both been hospitalized frequently because they are classified as brittle diabetics. This term means that their form of diabetes is extremely hard to control. Both siblings have suffered from diabetic ketosis, an extremely life-threatening complication where blood sugars spike and fall dangerously.

Ethan suffers from frequent seizures as well when his blood sugar is uncontrollable. He has to be monitored very closely to prevent him from falling into a coma. Mykayla has taken to managing her own insulin pump and likes to responsible for her condition.

Together, the two siblings had a blast on their Wish trip to visit Disney World and Universal Studios. They loved taking a family vacation where everything was taken care of: the hotel, meals and admission to the parks, thanks to Kids Wish Network.

The two enjoyed going on rides, meeting their favorite Disney characters and relaxing in the Florida sun.

A big thanks to all the Guardian Angel sponsors that helped make Ethan and Mykayla’s dream come true!

  • Compassion Partners Program
  • Dollar Rent A Car
  • Giordano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Logan’s Roadhouse
  • House of Blues Orlando
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