Red Sox’s Mascot presents: Sydney’s MacBook Pro

“This was the experience of a lifetime for Sydney”

Just before Sydney’s first birthday, she fractured the strongest bone in the body, her femur bone. A few months later, she suffered another major fracture; this time it was her collarbone. Then, only three months later, she fractured her femur bone again. Doctors realized this wasn’t a simple case and started investigating the illness osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly called brittle bone disease. This condition is caused by genetic defects that affect the body’s ability to make strong bones.

Sydney’s bones can fracture from the smallest movement. She suffers on average 10-15 breaks each year. At age 11, Sydney has already been in a full body cast three separate times and has suffered through many surgeries to reset and straighten her bones. Doctors recently inserted new, metal rods into her bones that grow with her body; they help keep her bones strong and prevent fractures.

View a video about Sydney and her metal rods here:

Even with the rods, Sydney still attends physical therapy once a week and switches between a wheelchair and walker throughout the day for mobility. She also goes for four-hour infusion treatments every eight weeks. The infusions help with bone density and stabilize her vertebra. But all the treatments sometimes aren’t enough; Sydney underwent another surgery in December to straighten a bone in her right arm.

Despite a life of constant pain and bone fractures, Sydney doesn’t let her life-threatening condition get her down. She loves going to school, drawing and playing bells in the school band. Sydney is a dedicated student and Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to grant her wish for a tool to help her with her studies.

Sydney Pardi 2

KWN gifted Sydney a MacBook Pro, exactly what she wanted, but didn’t stop there. Sydney loves to spend time with her family, and her family loves the Boston Red Sox, so KWN arranged for Sydney to receive her computer at a Red Sox game! Sydney and her family were invited to the Red Sox vs. Yankee game where the mascot, Wally the Green Monster, presented Sydney her computer on the field before the game. After the exciting event, Sydney and her family dined at local eatery, Tavern in the Square.

“This was the experience of a lifetime for Sydney,” recalls her mom Andrea.

On behalf of Sydney and her family, Kids Wish Network would like to thank Fenway Park, The Boston Red Sox, and Tavern in the Square for helping make Sydney’s day so memorable.


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