Nic soars with Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks

Nic and Patrick Kane-cropped

“Nic’s wish was unreal”

Nicolas, who prefers to be called Nic, has dealt with a life-threatening heart defect since birth. Diagnosed with a bicuspid neo-aortic valve, Nic had his first heart surgery at just 5 days old. The procedure healed his heart for years, until 2014.

Nic started to feel tired and could no longer keep up with the other kids his age, so in July 2014, doctors performed another heart surgery to repair his faulty valve. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as his first. A third surgery was needed in August so doctors could insert a mechanical valve.

Nic has blood work done every week and takes a variety of medications to regulate his blood flow. Besides the fact that he will need more surgeries in the future, Nic is devastated that he can no longer participate in his favorite sport.

As a dedicated hockey player, Nic excelled at the sport, but now must cheer from the sidelines. Kids Wish Network was thankfully able to put a smile back on Nic’s face, even from the sidelines, as he got to watch his favorite team and meet his favorite player on his wish trip.

KWN gave Nic the experience of a lifetime when he sat VIP at a Chicago Blackhawks game and met right wing/center Patrick Kane.


While Nic was initially shy, he warmed up after giving Kane a personally-designed hockey puck and was able to discuss the game.

“It’s been unreal,” said his dad. “We feel so blessed to be able to do this for him. Kids Wish Network has been a great help for us; we’re really thankful with what Nic is going through.”

The game wasn’t all Nic got to experience on his wish, though. KWN planned other fun and exciting activities for him like attending an auto show, visiting Shedd Aquarium, and dining at special restaurants.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous sponsors that helped make Nic’s experience a once-in-a-lifetime event.
• Chicago Blackhawks
• Patrick Kane
• JW Marriot Chicago
• Shedd Aquarium
• Chicago Automobile Trade Association
• LaSalle Limousine
• Field Museum
• Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville
• Quartino Restaurant
• The Cheesecake Factory
• Go Airport Express
• Women of the Moose- Capital City Chapter 2381

Nic is slowly adjusting to his new restrictions but hopes that he can return to the ice one day.

Watch Nic’s interview from “Great Day” on KCWI-Des Moines:

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