Laila’s sit-down with Cinderella

Cinderella- close up

“Laila was so happy to meet Cinderella”

Born at only 25 weeks with a grade 4 brain bleed, Wish Kid Laila has dealt with life-threatening health complications her entire life. A CAT scan revealed only half her brain had developed causing doctors to diagnosed Laila with cerebral palsy.

After a four-month stay in the hospital, baby Laila was released only to return a few short weeks later. Doctors needed to place a g-tube, which 6-year-old Laila still uses, and started her on breathing treatments.

Over the years, Laila’s suffered from severe kidney stones, had surgery on her eyes to improve her sight and received Botox injections to help loosen her stiff and rigid muscles. Because Laila’s immune system is weak, she is constantly in danger of contracting an infection and is monitored closely. She also utilizes physical, occupational and speech therapies six times a week.

Minnie Ears

The hospital and doctor’s office are common destinations for Laila, so Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to grant her wish and send her on a magical wish trip to the “happiest place on Earth”!

KWN whisked Laila and her family away for five fun-filled days at Disney World. The family stayed at luxurious accommodations, dined at entertaining restaurants, and explored all the parks had to offer.

Laila was ecstatic to meet the Princesses, especially Cinderella, and loved the Seven Dwarfs Ride; she even rode it seven times! Laila is confined to her wheelchair, so being able to experience the ride was incredible.

“It meant so much that Laila was able to go on the rides,” recalls mom Angela. “Disney World was not only the happiest place but also the most accessible.”

Once Upon a Party Cinderella

Laila was also able to meet Cinderella not only at the Magic Kingdom, but the Princess surprised her at one of the Wish dinners!

“Cinderella was the sweetest with Laila,” adds Angela. “She just sat and talked with her. Laila was so happy; I had tears in my eyes.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the sponsors that helped make Laila’s dream come true!
• Wyndham Lake Buena Vista
• Compassion Partners Program
• Once Upon A Party
• Tony Roma’s
• Buffalo Wild Wings
• Splitsville Luxury Lanes
• National Car Rentals

UPDATE: March 2015- Sadly, Laila was back in the hospital just a few short weeks after her wish. Because of her weak immune system, Laila suffered another bout of pneumonia with a collapsed lung and bladder infection. She was released after a few days in the hospital.

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