JT’s New Video Game Upgrade

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“JT loves his new Xbox One”

James was born with a very rare condition that affects only about one percent of children. Called vesicoureteral reflux, it causes the kidney-bladder function to go in reverse and can lead to severe kidney issues including frequent infections and permanent damage. This disease is usually treated with antibiotics and most kids, like James, grow out of it.

After battling his dangerous kidney issues, James developed like an average kid until September 2013. His mom started to notice James, referred to as JT, started acting lethargic, a personality trait that is very different from the normally-energetic JT. During his check-up, doctors ran multiple tests on JT and the diagnosis came back as type 1 diabetes.

JT administers insulin shots on a daily basis and must check his blood sugar multiple times a day. This helps regulate his body’s condition and prevents the severe symptoms. JT also battles ADHD and depression; his life-threatening illness is definitely taking a toll on his life. His biggest escape from these issues is playing video games.

Kids Wish Network was happy to grant JT’s wish for a brand-new Xbox One complete with his favorite games. JT loved opening his present and has spent hours playing his games.

Recently, doctors discovered JT was, once again, suffering from kidney issues. KWN will keep everyone updated on his progress.

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