Bouncing for Joy: Bradin’s Personal Bouncy House

Santa and Braden Renfro

I love my bouncy house!

Bradin was born with spina bifida, a defect that caused the opening of his spinal cord to be incomplete, and was immediately rushed into surgery. Then, at just 15 days old, doctors discovered fluid accumulating on Bradin’s brain, a condition called hydrocephalus. This required another surgery to implant a ventriculoperitoneal shunt which drains the fluid into his stomach and must be replaced every few years.

Bradin remained in the NICU for three months. At 1 year old, Bradin underwent a procedure where doctors attempted to correct the abnormal positions of his feet. Bradin was in a body cast from the waist down for two years. After the casting, Bradin used leg braces until steel rods were inserted a few months later. He also suffered through two other surgeries where doctors broke parts of his legs in an attempt to straighten them. Even with all the struggles, doctors only achieved 60% success.

By age 10, Bradin had already suffered through 20 surgeries and faces more to come. But through everything, he continues to find joy in life. One of his favorite things to do, and one of his favorite memories, is playing in a bouncy house so that is what he wished for: his own bouncy house.

With the help of generous Guardian Angel sponsors, Kids Wish Network was able to grant Bradin’s wish for his own, personal bouncy house. KWN coordinated a huge Wish Reveal Surprise Party for Bradin complete with a DJ, pizza, cupcakes, superheroes, face painting, and even Santa Claus. His friends and family were all invited to help Bradin celebrate his wish coming true.

“I was shocked!” Bradin said. “It was awesome!”

“I was ecstatic for Bradin because I wanted his wish to come true,” adds his mom Kimberely. “Kids Wish Network worked so hard to make his wish come true.”

The local media was there to catch Bradin’s surprise in action. Check out the links below to share in his excitement:

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors that helped make Bradin’s ultimate wish come true:

  • Blast Zone
  • Star’s Big Top Amusements
  • Stacie Randy DJ
  • Butter Cup Bakery
  • Pizza Plus Inc

Bradin faces more surgeries in the near future but maintains a positive attitude.

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