Karrena – Hero of the Month

July 2014″Karrena

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Karrena is a brave 13-year-old that has been in and out of the hospital for most of her life. Her medical struggle started with a liver transplant when she was only 4 years old. Most recently, she spent another 5 days at Kaiser Permanente for dialysis treatment.

She began experiencing muscle tenderness in her chest due to a possible infection. After the pain persisted for a few days, surgeons went in to clean out the infection. The doctor stated it was one of the worst infections he’d ever seen. Lots of tissue needed to be removed, and Karrena may face reconstructive surgery in the future.

“Throughout each of these hospitalizations, Karrena has always been positive, engaging, interacting, smiling, asks questions of the doctors, and takes suggestions on how to cope and create a happier space. Karrena verbalized she wants to be a child life specialist because she feels that she can help other children like the child life specialist have helped her,” said her nominating CLS Misti Linquist.

Karrena is a great example of a true HERO, and we’re excited to honor her!

“My family has watched Karrena endure so much pain, however, through it all her spirits were very high and she always had a smile on her face,” recalls her mother Rena. “We would like to thank your organization for recognizing her courage.”

“Being named a Hero has boosted my self-confidence,” Karrena writes. “I know I am able to handle anything tossed my way.”

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