Shopping for College in California: Molly’s Wish

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“Molly’s shopping day was just amazing”

In late 2013, Wish Kid Molly started experiencing a sharp pain below her right knee. As an active teen, the pain was chalked up to over exertion, but four months later, after the pain grew unbearable, Molly couldn’t ignore it any longer.

An X-ray revealed a tumor on Molly’s leg; the teen was then diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Molly was immediately scheduled for surgery and began eight months of chemotherapy. The treatment caused Molly to suffer from intense nausea, complete hair, brow and lash loss, and painful ulcers. She also was admitted to the ICU three separate times for infections and pneumonia.

Despite it all, Molly remained positive and was declared in remission in 2014. She’s ready to start college in California, but not before Kids Wish Network granted her wish for a once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree.

Molly Jank- Shopping Spree

KWN coordinated a fantastic day where Molly was treated like a star. She had her makeup professionally done, was gifted a personal shopper, and devoured lunch at her favorite restaurant.

“Molly’s shopping day was just amazing,” said her mom. “Thank you so much Kids Wish Network.”

KWN would like to thank the sponsors that helped make this day special for Wish Kid Molly: Nordstrom, Bazille, Mac Makeup, and Zen Bistro.

Molly is in great spirits after her wish and cannot wait to attend college in California.

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