Luis – Hero of the Month

Luis kids wish hero

Presbyterian Hospital, August 2014

When Luis went to his doctor experiencing high fevers, a sore throat and constant shaking, his doctor sent him straight to the hospital. Luis underwent multiple lab draws, throat swabs, X-rays, CT scans, and an MRI before a diagnosis was made. The teen was diagnosed with Lemierre’s syndrome, a disease that occurs most often when a bacterial throat infection progresses to form an abscess, or blood clot, near the tonsils. If the infection is not caught in time, the blood clot will start to break apart and the bacteria can travel to the lungs and other major organs.

Luis was hospitalized for 22 days to treat the infection but remained stoic and brave throughout the whole ordeal. Even when the 16-year-old was suffering from intense pain, he was calm and respectful to those who entered his room. Luis demonstrated heroic behavior and bravery throughout his hospitalization despite extreme pain, an unknown diagnosis, and a length stay.

Luis is an outgoing teen that lives to play soccer. Unfortunately, the Varsity player will have to sit this season out. The treatment for his condition prevents Luis from participating in any contact sports, but we know that he’ll get them next season!

Help us celebrate Luis and honor the brave teen as Hero of the Month!

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Name: Luis
Age: 16
State: New Mexico
Facility: Presbyterian Hospital


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