Gavin LOVES Legoland!


“Gavin had an amazing time”

Wish Kid Gavin has struggled daily with multiple medical issues since his premature birth. In searching for answers, Gavin was diagnosed with intermittent exotropia, an eye condition that is common in children with cerebral palsy, just after his second birthday. Then, in August 2012, Gavin was diagnosed with ataxic dyskinetic cerebral palsy, an extremely rare form the disease that only affects 10% of people afflicted. Tests also revealed that Gavin suffered from a genetic disorder similar to Hunter-Mcapline syndrome, but that is so rare, there isn’t a name for it yet.

“Not knowing what the future holds for my son is an extremely difficult thing to come to terms with,” writes Rebecca, Gavin’s mother.

As a result of his cerebral palsy, Gavin started suffering from seizures in December 2013. He was diagnosed with complex partial seizures, a form of epilepsy. For treatment, Gavin spends 10 hours a week in intensive behavior therapy and takes anti-convulsive medication. For the most part, both treatments have helped his conditions.

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Despite dealing with these life-threatening issues, Gavin loves to go to school, play with his friends and be the center of attention. One of his favorite pastimes is playing with LEGOS; the 4-year-old loves the shapes and colors.

On Gavin’s wish trip, Legoland was just part of the adventure put together by KWN. Gavin and his family had a fun-filled trip at the California theme parks including Disneyland and California Adventure.

Gavin went on all the “big boy” rides and loved meeting sea life at Legoland.

“Gavin had an amazing time at Legoland,” said Rebbeca. “Thank you Kids Wish Network for an amazing trip and for the wonderful memories. We are truly blessed.”

A big thanks to all of Gavin’s wish sponsors who helped make his experience magical!
• Peppertree Hotel
• Compassion Partners Program
• Legoland
• California Pizza Kitchen
• Olive Garden
• Discovery Cube Science Foundation
• Benjie’s Deli

Gavin continues to struggle against his life-threatening illness but doesn’t let them damper his fun-loving spirit.

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