Catalina Island’s new celeb: Wish Kid Cecilia


“I really loved the helicopter ride”

In the winter of 2013, Wish Kid Cecilia started developing bruises that wouldn’t go away; she also suffered from a cold that seemed to last for months. Her doctor ran multiple tests and conducted a bone marrow biopsy in March 2014. The results were devastating; Cecilia was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and started treatment the next day.

Cecilia began four rounds of hospitalized chemotherapy with bone marrow and spinal tap tests conducted before each treatment. Her first treatment was 10 days long. The chemotherapy wreaked havoc on Cecilia’s immune system. After every treatment, she ended up hospitalized again because she developed severe infections.

Thankfully, even though the treatment took a harsh toll on Cecilia, it worked, and she was declared in remission. The teen is having trouble readjusting to life-after-illness, so KWN granted her a wish to Catalina Island to help boosts her spirits.

First, Cecilia and her family traveled to the island in style by helicopter courtesy of Island Express Helicopters. Cecilia then spent the next several days exploring the island and being greeted with a lot of island hospitality by the Chamber of Commerce, her hotel, all the restaurants, and the planned activities.

“I really loved the helicopter ride and seeing the dolphins on the boat tour,” recalls Cecilia.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors that helped make Cecilia’s dream a reality:
• Descanso Beach Club & Catalina Island Company
• Bluewater Avalon
• Catalina Costal Tour
• Catalina Segways Tours
• Three Palms Avalon Arcade
• Catalina Island Inn
• Island Express Helicopters
• Exclusive Sedan Service
• Catalina Transportation Services

Check out Cecilia’s interview in the “Catalina Islander”:

Update, April 2015: Cecilia is still considered in remission. She has returned to taking college classes but, as a side effect of the chemotherapy, is struggling with her short term memory. She contains to remain positive and strive for the best.

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