Blake’s Epic Disney Experience

Blake Hollywood Studios

“This could not have been a better wish for Blake!”

In 2013, Wish Kid Blake started rapidly losing weight and couldn’t keep down food; he lost 20 pounds in a few short weeks. After being seen by his pediatrician, Blake was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and spent the next four days being treated with life-saving insulin. Without his medication, Blake’s chronic condition stops his pancreas from producing insulin, the hormone needed to allow sugar to enter cells and produce energy. Blake will be insulin-dependent for the rest of his life.

Monitoring his blood sugar results with anywhere from 8 to 12 checks per day. Blake was also diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and is unaware of when his blood sugar drops low. If it falls too low, Blake could experience a dangerous seizure. In 2014, Blake got a tool to help maintain his blood sugar levels; a diabetic alert dog named Tyne. Tyne is trained to notify Blake’s parents if his blood sugar goes out of the normal range.

It’s sometimes hard for Blake to participate in all the activities he would like to because over-activity can cause his blood sugar to drop. One thing that he can still enjoy is watching Disney movies like “Cars II” and “The Incredibles”. Kids Wish Network knew that Blake would have a blast on his wish trip to Disney World.

Blake had an amazing experience on his wish trip to visit the Florida Theme Parks. Together with his family, Blake visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. He loved dining at the fantastic restaurants and traveling with his service dog.

“This could not have been a better wish for Blake,” said his mom. “We saw every show in Hollywood Studios and got on every ride, except for the Tower of Terror. Blake especially loved the Pirates Dinner Adventure Show and T-Rex Café. Thank you all so much.”

On behalf of Blake and his family, Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors who helped make his dream come true:

  • Calypso Cay Resort
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • T-Rex Café
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure Show
  • Enterprise Rent A Car
  • Compassion Partners Program
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles #291
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