Aubrey and Eli’s brotherly Bahamian cruise


“Aubrey and Eli truly felt special”

As brothers, Aubrey and Eli share a lot in life: the same parents, toys, clothes, and even the same life-threatening illness. Both Aubrey and Eli suffer from type 1 diabetes and started showing symptoms at the same age.

Aubrey, the older brother, started getting sick constantly when he was 3 ½, suffering from the flu, strep throat, high fevers, and began having accidents at night. Aubrey was soon diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started on insulin immediately. The first year after diagnosis was extremely hard on Aubrey and his family; his blood sugar levels were very difficult to stabilize, so doctors eventually put him on an insulin pump. The pump site needs to be changed every three days to prevent infection, but works well for the most part.

Eli, younger than Aubrey by two years, was also 3 ½ when he started showing concerning symptoms. His parents tested Eli’s blood sugar and then took him to the hospital; Eli was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes immediately. He was placed on an insulin pump right away.

It isn’t always easy for Aubrey and Eli to deal with their life-threatening conditions. As teenage boys, they don’t usually want to think about their health first, but work hard to keep their blood sugar levels consistent.

Aubrey and Eli are very family-oriented, so for their wishes, KWN sent them on a tropical cruise to the Bahamas. They had a fantastic time and got to experience a dolphin encounter and travel to the resort, Atlantis.

“The boys had an amazing time on the cruise,” said their mom. “They truly felt special.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank Carnival Cruise Lines, Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront, and Flying Eagle Limousine for helping make Eli and Aubrey’s dreams come true.

Both boys continue to battle their illness and hope that they don’t suffer any of the debilitating effects of type 1 diabetes.

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