Mykaela – Hero of the Month


July 2014

When Mykaela was 4-years-old, she started limping and was taken to the doctor. After an X-ray was done, doctors discovered a cyst on her left femur. A more detailed MRI discovered another cyst, and little Mykaela was scheduled for surgery. The surgery removed the cysts and packed the hole in her femur with bone cement; surgeons used a plate and seven screws to keep the cement in place.

A year later, Mykaela’s little body began rejecting the bone cement, and she needed another surgery to replace it with different materials. Doctors also replaced the plate and used bone chips to fill the hole. Mykaela also suffers from hip dysplasia and has had three hip procedures.

Despite her harrowing medical journey, 9-year-old Mykaela is a smart and outgoing young girl who has handled her illness very well. She sometimes is depressed when restricted to her wheelchair after a surgery, but Mykaela doesn’t give up and is determined to do what she needs to do to get better.

“When Mykaela was notified she won the award, she was so happy,” recalls mom Jamie. “To receive this award, I think makes her less fearful. This was such a blessing and an honor, thank you.”

Kids Wish Network is excited to recognize Mykaela along with her nominating facility, BSA Health System!

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Name: Mykaela
Age: 4
State: Texas
Facility: BSA Health System


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