Mackenna – Hero of the Month


Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital – Wisconsin, July 2014

Mackenna was admitted to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital following severe symptoms of asthma exacerbation and pneumonia. Due to the four-year-old’s chronic asthma, she has frequent clinic and hospital visits for treatment. During this stay, the little girl was placed on oxygen, had numerous nebulizer treatments, an IV line, and was on contact isolation. Any of these procedures would be hard enough on an adult, but this four-year-old was brave throughout the entire process.

The fun-loving and sociable child was very proud to show staff her IV and the prize she received for being a great patient. When her symptoms improved, Mackenna enjoyed keeping busy by playing games, creating craft projects, and playing with her toys.

We’re excited to honor Mackenna as a Hero of the Month for her bravery and consistent courage during difficult medical struggles.

“Mackenna loved hearing she was Hero of the Month” recalls mom Ashley.

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Name: Mackenna
Age: 4
State: Wisconson
Facility: Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital


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