McKenzie’s One Direction Bedroom


“McKenzie loves her new room”

Wish Kid McKenzie has struggled since birth with her health; she wasn’t able to keep food down and didn’t gain enough weight to sustain her body. At 3 months old, McKenzie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that mostly affects the lungs, pancreas, intestines and liver. This life-threatening condition is characterized by a production of abnormal mucus that is excessively thick and sticky and leads to blockages within the lungs and airways.

McKenzie utilizes a number of treatments to help with her condition. She undergoes daily breathing treatments and chest therapy to help clear the thick mucus and takes a large amount of medication. Sometimes, her therapies can last for hours, so she spends a lot of time in her room. Kids Wish Network was more than happy to turn her room into the ultimate haven for McKenzie and granted her a One Direction bedroom makeover.

With the help of several Guardian Angel sponsors, KWN gave McKenzie the room she always dreamed of, complete with many One Direction accents. When McKenzie returned home from school one day, her room was complete and she was so surprised!

KWN would like to thank all the generous sponsors that helped make McKenzie’s room makeover come true:
• Atchinson Homes
• Jay Franco and Sons
• Walmart-Saraland
• Betsey Decals
• Liz and Roo- American Made Dorm and Home
• RoomMates
• Iron Skillet

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