A Rockin’ Good Time for Matt & Betsy


“It was the happiest I’ve seen Matt in as long as I can remember”

Brittle diabetes is dangerous due to wild swings in blood sugar levels which lead to either hypoglycemia (low glucose) or hyperglycemia (high glucose). At 17-years-old, Matt’s diagnosis has been accompanied by rapid weight loss and hospitalization. A spike in blood sugar levels can result in weakness, vision changes, dry skin and increased thirst subsequently leading to excessive urination. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a drop in blood sugar levels is characterized by dizziness, weakness, irritability, extreme hunger, trembling hands, double vision, severe headaches and difficulty sleeping. The severity of Matt’s illness has the potential to put him in a diabetic coma or lead him to experience other complications such as thyroid disease or adrenal gland problems, for example.

Currently, Matt manages his life-long illness through medications, meal tracking, and his furry friend who doubles as a diabetic alert dog, Morty. Matt’s universal panacea for any ailment though is music. He appreciates all genres and is just as likely to be listening to Mozart as he is Nirvana.

Kids Wish Network brought together Music & Arts, a national music store chain, and Fender, the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, to grant Matt’s desire for a brand new Fender electric guitar! His mom, Amy, shared that it “is truly the guitar of his dreams!”

Amy added that she “can’t say enough nice things about Music & Arts.” They have “every piece of gear or knowledge you need to be the best musician you can be” and Matt agrees. “They were so very kind, and the teachers who jammed with Matt were great,” Amy continued. In addition to his guitar, Music & Arts presented Matt with a new amp, a gift-certificate for a month of free guitar lessons, and loads of Music & Arts swag such as a t-shirt, water bottles, sunglasses, a lunch bag, key chains, and a thumb drive.

After receiving his gifts, Matt joined the teachers and staff of Music & Arts in an afternoon jam session where he got to shred on his new favorite Fender.

“Matt is thrilled!” with his new toys said Amy. “It was the happiest I’ve seen Matt in as long as I can remember.”
Apparently Matt is enjoying his guitar so much that he is even playing it while at work and has named it Betsy.

We couldn’t be happier for Matt and Betsy and wish them a lifetime of melodic bliss together!

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following Guardian Angel sponsors:
• Music & Arts
• Fender
• The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille
• Hard Times Café

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