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“Chandler was in a coma for an entire year”

When Chandler was 6 1/2 years old, he was severely injured by a car. The child was rushed to the hospital where doctors struggled to keep him alive. After six hours, Chandler went into surgery where he was placed in a medically-induced coma with a breathing tube for a month, yet he remained in the coma for an entire year.

As a result of his accident, Chandler was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and suffers from brain damage. The 17-year-old has suffered through 10 different surgeries including having most of an artificial skull and ventricular drain implanted to combat his condition. He also began suffering from Grand Mal seizures when he was 12. Doctors inserted a nerve stimulator to help relieve his severe epilepsy, but he continues to battle three types of seizures.

For the first three years after the accident, Chandler couldn’t walk or talk, but with constant rehab, he was gradually improving. Chandler is able to talk in slightly broken language but now relies on a wheelchair because his seizures are so severe. He continues with speech, physical and occupational therapies and works very hard to improve; he is in the beginning stages of learning to read and is striving to get better every day.

Chandler is a kind teen who loves outdoor activities, being around people, and laughing. He loves watching Disney shows, especially his favorite character Goofy.

KWN was happy to grant Chandler’s wish and send him on a magical experience in Disney World. He enjoyed luxury accommodations, specially-designed dinners, and meeting lots of Disney characters.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the sponsors that helped make Chandler’s dream come true:
• Embassy Suites Orlando- International Drive South/Convention
• Tony Roma’s
• Johnny Rockets
• Compassion Partners Program
• Senor Frogs

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