Wish Kid Cameron meets the “Cars” characters!

“This was the best day of my life!”

When Cameron was 9 months old, he went in for a routine wellness exam, and doctors noticed the size of his head had increased tremendously. Physicians immediately ordered X-rays and a CT scan; it revealed the image of a very large cyst on Cameron’s brain. Doctors diagnosed Cameron with hydrocephalus, a term for fluid build-up on the brain, and implanted a shunt to help drain the fluid. Unfortunately, two months later, it was discovered that the shunt was incorrectly placed which caused Cameron to lose movement on the right side of his body.

Another surgery corrected that error, but in 2011, Cameron was diagnosed with epilepsy associated with cerebral palsy. Cameron suffers from seizures as a result of his life-threatening condition, but currently takes medication that helps reduce the number of episodes.

Cameron is a wonderful big brother and loves to play with his two little sisters and is obsessed with watching Disney’s “Cars” and “Cars 2”. For his wish, Kids Wish Network sent Cameron and his family on an all-inclusive trip to Disneyland where they stayed at fabulous accommodations and enjoyed all the magic of the parks.

“Cameron loved meeting Mater and Lightning McQueen,” recalls his mother Trinette. “He just wouldn’t stop talking to them. Everything about his wish trip was great, thank you all so much.”

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