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“Gage had an amazing time”

For eight months, Gage suffered from stomach aches that lasted for long periods of time. Doctors couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong but, in August 2013, a CAT scan revealed that Gage was suffering from severe Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease.

Gage spent the first eight days after his diagnosis recovering in the hospital but returned twice more due to immediate complications. An abscess formed in his intestine, a mass so large that it put pressure on his nerves and caused numbness in his legs. The 15-year-old was given a high dose of antibiotics and again sent home, but returned less than 24 hours later because his fever had spiked to a dangerously high degree.

Doctors removed the abscess and part of Gage’s intestine, but the surgery didn’t solve his problems. Gage developed blood clots shortly after his procedure and lost the ability to walk. He was placed on an IV feeding tube and PICC line, an intravenous central catheter that travels from the arm into the heart. Gage soon needed another operation, a reverse colostomy, which, thankfully, relieved many of his issues.

But Gage didn’t let his illness affect the fun he had on his wish trip. We granted Gage’s wish for a beach vacation in Palm Coast, Florida, where Gage and his family enjoyed learning how to paddleboard, spotting Florida wildlife, playing Bazooka ball, attending a luau and spending time as a family.

“Everything was amazing,” recalls Gage’s mom Lisa. “Everyone, everywhere we went, treated Gage fantastic. It was a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family.”

Gage has recently started a new treatment for his life-threatening disease, but is back in school and doing well.

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Name: Gage
Age: 15
State: OH
Illness: Crohn’s Disease
Wish: Beach Vacation
Wish Category: Travel


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