Nicholas – Hero of the Month

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Kaiser Permanente Roseville, March 2014

In January of 2014, the world changed forever for 6-year-old Nicholas. Nicholas, or Nick for short, was sitting on the curb cracking walnuts with two of his friends when disaster struck. Nick and one of his friends were hit by a car and severely injured in the accident. Little Nick was rushed to the emergency room where results showed that he’d need care from a trauma center. While awake, conscious and suffering from extreme pain, Nick was taken by Life Flight to another hospital.

Once Nick arrived at the next hospital, doctors performed an MRI and another CT scan to assess the damage. Nick had a fractured scapula, a fractured pelvis, and a ruptured bladder; he needed immediate pelvic surgery. Nick spent six days in the facility recovering before he was transferred to Kaiser Permanente Roseville, where he stayed for an additional week.

Nick powered through more medical procedures and hours of therapy before he was released. He went home with a catheter and walker, which he would need for the next few weeks. Nick is a sweet and loving boy who likes to help other kids who are having a rough day. We are proud to announce Nick as a Hero of the Month!

In the photo: “Nick was in excruciating pain and loaded up on meds, sitting in his wheelchair, about to sit upright for the 1:45 minute drive home, but he still managed to give a little smile,” says his mom Angie.

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Name: Nicholas
Age: 6
State: California
Facility: Kaiser Permanente Roseville


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