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Mylohn HOTM

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, May 2014

Mylohn was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome in 2010 when he was 4 years old, and has been a consistent trooper throughout his medical struggle. The 8-year-old currently makes frequent visits to the emergency room, often enduring multiple procedures or long hospital stays. He understands why he is visiting and what he’ll have to go through, but he always comes with a smile on his face.

Recently, Mylohn was an inpatient at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital for over two weeks. During this stay, he struggled to take his large doses of daily medication. His regimen included taking lots of pills, several times a day, some of which were so big even an adult would have trouble swallowing them. With a lot of encouragement, several incentives, and a team effort, Mylohn was eventually able to take all of his pills like a champ. He knew that after he had taken all his medicine for the day, he’d be free to spend his days in the facility’s playroom.

Little Mylohn spent hours in the playrooms making thank-you cards for every single person he came into contact with; doctors, nurses, nurse technicians, housekeeping, child life specialists, and unit secretaries. He made at least 50 cards during his time.

“Mylohn is a truly special child with a heart as big as the sky,” describes Child Life Specialist Patty Prentice. “He can be a little quite or shy, so I was proud of him for expressing his gratitude in his own way. He doesn’t let his medical condition get him down and is always up for an adventure.”

Along with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, we’re excited to honor Mylohn as a KWN Hero of the Month for continuing to be positive and courageous throughout his difficult medical journey.

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Name: Mylohn
Age: 8
State: Louisiana
Facility: Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital


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