Justine – Hero of the Month

Justine hotm

Metro Health Hospital, May 2014

Justine was admitted to Metro Health Hospital in April 2014 for an undisclosed medical procedure. This experience was Justine’s first IV. Angie, her Child Life Specialist, explains below why she nominated 8-year-old Justine for a Hero of the Month.

“I walked into Justine’s room just as the nurse was going to start an IV. I asked…if [Justine and I] could have a few minutes so I could help Justine understand what was going to happen. We participated in medical play together, and she helped me start an IV in her hospital buddy. Justine was nervous at first, but got more and more comfortable as we continued to talk; she asked good questions and was active in the IV preparation. When it came time for the IV start, Justine watched a cartoon on the IPad and held her mom’s hand. She remembered us talking about the importance of holding her arm still, and she was able to hold still all on her own. Justine displayed positive coping skills during the IV attempt, even when a second IV attempt had to be made; she just continued to watch her cartoon and carry on conversation with us. This was the first time Justine ever had an IV, and she handled it with courage and bravery. She even had to go through a third IV attempt, which was a little bit more difficult, but after some deep breathing, Justine was able to hold still for that attempt also. On top of all that, she also had her first CT scan that night which she also handled with bravery.”

We agree with Angie, and are happy to honor Justine as a Hero of the Month for being brave during her medical journey.

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Name: Justine
Age: 8
State: Michigan
Facility: Metro Health Hospital


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