Joshua – Hero of the Month

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White Memorial Medical Center, March 2014

Joshua came to White Memorial Medical Center suffering from abdominal pain that proved to be appendicitis. The 10-year-old appeared calm and was able to clearly explain what he was feeling within his body. The doctors who helped Joshua all noted that he was in good spirits throughout his stay.

Tina Aguilera, Certified Child Life Specialist at the center, recalls meeting Joshua. “I met Joshua in the hours before his planned surgery. He and his father were in the playroom for much needed distraction and, unbeknownst to us all, his surgery was rescheduled immediately. This sudden and abrupt four-hour rescheduling changed affected Joshua’s pre-surgery education, but, I and his father were able to talk with him during his walk back to his room to wait for the transporter to take him to the operating room. He trusted what support me and his father was able to pass along and share his appreciation with a thank you.”

Joshua was very involved in his health care plan after his surgery and took his ambulation chart seriously. He walked around the unit and participated in the hula-hoop and coloring contests with open enthusiasm. Joshua is a Hero in the eyes of the staff for his bravery and willingness to show love and appreciation to everyone.

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Name: Joshua
Age: 10
State: California
Facility: White Memorial Medical Center


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