Eduin makes history in D.C.

“Eduin loved visiting the air and space museum!”

picture of Eduin capitolWhen Eduin was 8 months old, he started breaking out in painful rashes and his stomach looked like it was extending outside his body. In March of 2004, Eduin was diagnosed with histiocytosis type B, a term that refers to a group of diseases that occur when there is an over-production of white blood cells and can lead to organ damage and tumor formation.

Eduin was started on chemotherapy in an attempt to treat his life-threatening version of the disorder. He underwent two rounds of the toxic treatment and was constantly sick; he couldn’t keep down food and was extremely weak. Almost a year after his diagnosis, more bad news came; the histiocytosis caused Eduin’s liver to fail.

In 2005, 2-year-old Eduin received a liver transplant. Eduin’s body accepted the new organ but his life-threatening condition returned, and Eduin started another four weeks of chemotherapy. Thankfully, the treatment worked. His histiocytosis appears to be under control and the 11-year-old is down to one medication. He visits the doctor every three months for a check-up.

He was in great shape when he traveled on his wish to visit historic Washington, D.C. Eduin loves history and aerospace science and couldn’t wait to experience the real deal for himself. Eduin toured the city, visiting museums, the Capitol and his local Senator’s office where he celebrated his 12th birthday.

“Eduin loved the air and space museum the best,” shares his mother. “And we are so grateful for everyone that helped celebrate his birthday.”

Thanks to all the Guardian Angel Sponsors that helped grant his wish:

  • Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum
  • Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History
  • Hay Adams Hotel
  • The Office of Senator James Inhofe
  • Georgia Browns
  • We, The Pizza
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace

Eduin is currently doing well but still maintains regular check-ups to keep his life-threatening condition under control.


Wishes Granted

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