Princess Olivia’s Magical Adventure


“Olivia’s dream came true”

In the middle of 2009, Wish Kid Olivia spiked a fever of over 103 degrees. Olivia had always been a healthy child, so her parents became extremely concerned. At the doctor’s office, the 2-year-old underwent blood work, x-rays and a variety of tests that all came back inconclusive. It wasn’t until someone noticed inflammation in Olivia’s abdomen that a diagnosis was made; Olivia had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Olivia’s cancer, referred to as ALL, affects the number of normal white blood cells present in her bone marrow and makes it harder for her body to fight infections. Doctors thankfully caught her disease early; the leukemia cells had not yet traveled to areas harder to treat.

Olivia started treatment immediately. The first month was extremely hard on Olivia, but she was considered a quick responder, and the treatment started to work. Her first cycle of chemotherapy lasted 28 days; her second, considered the toughest and most aggressive round, lasted 57 days, but Olivia remained brave through it all. Olivia spent six months in intensive treatment, and the following two years with close monitoring. Thankfully, Olivia was declared in remission, but still must undergo regular scans and lab work; Olivia also has a history with Down syndrome.

“Olivia endured years of agonizing treatments and illnesses that at times left her little body lifeless, recalls her mom Julie.”

Despite all she’s experienced, Olivia is an extremely positive and happy little lady who loves the Disney Princesses and playing dress up. For her wish, Kids Wish Network sent Olivia and her family on a magical adventure to Disney World where Olivia’s biggest dream came true. The family stayed at luxury accommodations, dined at specially-planned dinners and enjoyed their time together.

Olivia loved kissing Mickey Mouse and having her very own princess makeover.

“Thank you so very much for granting Olivia’s wish to Disney,” says Julie. “It will be memories we will all share and cherish for a lifetime.”

Olivia and Kids Wish Network would like to send a big “thank-you” to all the generous Guardian Angel sponsors that helped make Olivia’s wish exceptional!
• LongHorn Steakhouse
• Bahama Breeze
• Portobello’s Italian Restaurant
• BJ’s Restaurant
• WonderWorks
• Compassion Partners Program
• Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista
• National Car Rental
• Butterfly Dreams
• Maria, senior at West Salem High School in Wisconsin

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