Mikey’s Magical Wish

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“Mikey loved the “Despicable Me” ride”

Michael’s medical hardships started before he was born, and his story is nothing short of miraculous. When Michael’s mom was 28 weeks pregnant, she was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome which was causing her body to shut down and putting little Michael in danger. He wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed and had stopped growing. Doctors performed an emergency c-section, and Michael was rushed off to intensive care.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain damage, his family was told he would probably never leave the hospital. Cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that is caused by an insult to the immature, developing brain. After four weeks in intensive care, Michael miraculously began to thrive and was discharged.

Michael, or Mikey as he is called, continues with constant therapy and medication to treat the results of his life-threatening condition; he also suffers from seizures, bipolar disorder and ADHD caused by the early brain damage. He is home-schooled and academically behind as a result of his conditions. Mikey uses leg braces to help combat the effects of his cerebral palsy.

Yet despite his hardships, Mikey loves to laugh and is the first one to make a new friend. Mikey did a lot of laughing on his wish trip to visit the Disney theme parks. He loved visiting Universal Studios the most and going on the “Despicable Me” ride.

Mikey is doing well medically right now and continues his daily regimen of medication.

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Name: Michael
Age: 6
State: NC
Illness: Cerebral Palsy, brain damage
Wish: Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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