Mathew says “Ka-Chow” with Disney’s “Cars”

“Mathew loved the “Cars” experience”

Mathew entered the world through a traumatic, emergency surgery and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after. Caused by an insult to the developing brain, cerebral palsy causes impaired movement throughout the body. Mathew also had issues getting the nutrients his growing body needed; he would vomit up every type of formula, had no interest in food, and spent his first year in and out of the hospital for nutrition deficiencies.

He was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease and underwent multiple surgeries that attempted to prevent vomiting, repair his stomach lining and place a feeding tube. In addition to his medical issues, Mathew wasn’t developing normally and was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Shortly after, he began suffering from dangerous seizures and will have an episode every few months.

Mathew takes medication for epilepsy, wears leg braces at night, and drinks formula for nutrition. Despite all of his hardships, Mathew remains a happy and tough child who loves to give hugs. The upbeat teen cherishes his Disney movie collection and loves watching Disney’s “Cars”.

Kids Wish Network granted Mathew’s wish for a personal meet-and-greet with his favorite “Cars” characters at Disneyland. He and his family had a great time staying at their luxury accommodations, dining at fun restaurants, and exploring the parks.

“Mathew loved the “Cars” experience,” said his mom. “He also went to the beach for the first time and loved it, too.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the sponsors who helped make Mathew’s trip unforgettable:
• Compassion Partners Program
• Fairmont Newport Beach
• Bubba Gump Shrimp, Co.
• Captain Kidd’s

Mathew continues to face serious complications related to his life-threatening illness. He tries to remain positive and keep smiling.


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