Della’s Disney Dream


“Della smiled the entire trip”

Della was developing as a normal baby should until she was 8 months old when she began losing weight and stopped growing. She was taken to the hospital where doctors debated on inserting a feeding tube for Della, but, ultimately, they decided to wait to see if her instincts would kick in.

Della didn’t improve and her body began starving itself, also causing her brain to stop developing. Della was classified as failure to thrive, defined as a significant interruption in the expected rate of growth.

At 15 months, doctors surgically inserted a feeding tube that wasn’t removed until she was 5 years old. She also underwent multiple throat surgeries. But Della maintains a larger-than-life personality with tons of confidence and spunk.

Della had a fantastic time on her wish trip to visit all the Florida theme parks. She met some princesses, visited the beach and got to make a special desert at dinner. Little Della smiled the entire trip!

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