Ruben – Hero of the Month


White Memorial Medical Center, April 2014

Ruben is a shy, 5-year-old that has worked through multiple admissions at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. His stays at the center are a result of his severe asthma diagnosis. Upon each admission, Ruben remains calm under the pressure and welcomes all his care givers. It’s great for a young child to actively take part in his health care treatments like Ruben. He bravely:

  • Accepts all breathing treatments using his mask
  • Takes recommended walks
  • Ingests all medications
  • Endures invasive procedures like X-rays and IV starts

Ruben is always kind to the hospital staff and eager to be involved in pet and music therapy. His engagement in developmentally appropriate activities shows the staff that he feels comfortable and trusts them. The staff feels his character is outstanding, and so does Kids Wish Network. This is why we are overjoyed to honor Ruben as a Hero of the Month.

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Name: Ruben
Age: 5
State: California
Facility: White Memorial Medical Center


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