Norman Patrick’s Sesame Place experience

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“Patrick loved meeting his favorite characters”

Norman Patrick started suffering from seizures when he was just six months old, and for the next year, the seizures increased in frequency and severity. The tiny child could have up to 100 seizures a day, some classified as grand mal seizures. Tests didn’t garner any concrete results, and Patrick was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy.

Medications that were supposed to control the seizures only added to the issue when they caused a dangerous allergic reaction in Norman Patrick. A genetic specialist then tested him for a very specific, rare disorder called Dravet Syndrome. Finally, his family had a real answer; Norman Patrick suffered from the rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy.

Different medication decreased his seizures to 40 or 50 in a day, and after time, he now only experiences 2-4 severe seizures per month. He still lives every day with the possibility of SUDEP, sudden unexplained death in epilepsy.

Despite Norman Patrick’s, or just Patrick for short, extremely dangerous condition, he acts like a typical 5-year-old boy. He loves to play outside, watch Sesame Street and do complicated puzzles.

For his wish, we sent the energetic and loving child to Sesame Place where he could meet his favorite T.V. celebrities. The whole experience was perfect for Patrick, from staying luxury accommodations to cruising down Sesame Street; he loved every minute of it.

“Patrick got to meet his favorite Sesame Street characters; his smile was amazing,” recalls his mother. “Thank you so much Kids Wish Network.”

Norman Patrick is currently doing well on his medication, and his seizures continue to decline in number and severity.

We would like to thank all the amazing sponsors who helped grant Patrick’s wish: Sesame Place, Devil’s Alley, Red Robin, Uno Chicago Pizzeria, Please Touch Museum, and Smokin Betty’s.

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Name: Norman Patrick
Age: 5
State: FL
Illness: Dravet Syndrome
Wish: Sesame Place
Wish Category: Travel


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