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“The things we got to do…will be in Abbie’s memory bank forever”

About two years ago, Abigail started losing weight rapidly and drinking extra fluids constantly, symptoms her mom, Brandy, recognized too well. Abigail’s older sister, Hannah, suffers from type 1 diabetes and displayed those exact signs when she was initially diagnosed. Brandy feared the same for Abigail, and in July of 2013, her suspicions were confirmed. Abigail was diagnosed with the same life-threatening condition.

“I talked to Abigail about what was going on, and how she had diabetes like her sister,” recalls Brandy. “Abigail said, ‘I don’t want it, but if I have to then I want a pink [insulin] pump’.”

Since her diagnosis, Abigial’s pancreas ceased proper function, and she is completely dependent on insulin to survive. For treatment, she not only requires an implanted insulin pump, but she also has her blood checked 10 times a day.

Dealing with the disease is a struggle for young Abigail, but the compassionate and determined child does her best to stay positive. Thankfully, she was all smiles during her wish trip to Disney World. Abigail and her family went on an all-expense paid wish trip to explore all that the Sunshine State has to offer. The family was treated to four days at the Orlando-area theme parks.

“Abigail had a great time,” recalls mom Brandy. “Her favorite part was meeting Anna and Elsa. She was so excited, she couldn’t even speak, and for Abbie to have no words is pretty amazing.”

Abbie loved getting her Princess makeover and riding the Mad Hatter Teacups at the Magic Kingdom also.

“This was something we would never have been able to do for Abbie on our own,” adds Brandy. “The things that Kids Wish Network helped us do for her will be in our memory bank forever.”

Abbie is currently doing well in dealing with life-long illness.

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Name: Abigail
Age: 6
State: OH
Illness: Type 1 Diabetes
Wish: Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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